Free Mobile Photography Course – Go from ZERO to HERO in 1 Day!

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I have put together this Free Mobile Photography Course that will help you to click better pictures. This Free Mobile Photography Course consists of 3 short videos that show you how to improve the quality of your pictures across a diverse range of Photography Subjects.

The first video of this Free Mobile Photography Course will show you how to improve the Lighting in your photos, the second video is about Street Photography which is everybody’s favourite subject, and the third video is about Cool Photography Project Ideas for you!

In this first video, we’ll discuss side lighting in indoor spaces – a space which has a roof over your head. I see people turning on artificial lights while clicking pictures indoors during the day. Let’s try a different approach…

Street Photography 101

In this video let us look at 3 photography project ideas that will keep you amused for the rest of your life!

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