This vlog is about one of the most unique moments that I’ve ever experienced in nature

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a man-made wetland, was owned by the Maharaja of Bharatpur. In the second half of the 1800s the Maharaja used to hunt birds here, now it’s a protected national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of the richest bird parks in the world.

On a cold winter afternoon in January, we ran into a lost juvenile painted stork along one of the walking trails. We thought that it was injured, and wondered if it would ever be able to return to its nest.

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Often I know little about the birds I see and photograph. But every time I come home and look at my pictures, I learn something about them.

This photo taught me that babblers are Passerines, of the order Passeriformes. Passeriformes are also known as songbirds or perching birds.

Passeriformes contain about half the total number of living birds. That’s almost 6,000 species.

On one of my visits to Kumbhargaon I was walking through the woods in the evening when I saw a Yellow-eyed Babbler bouncing from one twig to another and finally perched and looked straight at me, like a cartoon character who was very happy to see me.

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