Proven Bird Photography Tips with Nikon D500 Camera & 200-500 Lens

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What’s your favourite subject in wildlife photography? I’ll tell you mine… clicking pictures of small birds gives me more satisfaction than any other subject. Because it’s very challenging to photograph these small birds. You need to bring in all your knowhow… your composition skills, your artistic ability, you need to bring all of that to the table to get successful photographs.

But when I get successful photographs of small birds, good setting, good light, nothing gives me more joy!

This is a behind the scenes look at photographing small birds such as Bushchats and Stonechats from a boat in Kumbhargaon near Bhigwan. Photographing small birds is always a challenge because they are always on the move. So we need to be technically sound to get sharp photos of small birds. In the video I talk about focus point selection and the use of a bean bag for photography.

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Which is the best for Wildlife Photography? How to Choose the Right Lens for YOU?

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Which is the best lens for bird photography?

In this video I tell you how to go about choosing lenses, depending on what stage of photography you’re at.

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Wildlife photography | Tigers at Bandhavgarh National Park

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This is a story about a sub-adult tiger called “Banbehi-male-cub”, one of three cubs of “Banbehi-female” and “Mangu” from that generation. There was some unusual tiger behavior going on at the time when we saw Banbehi-male-cub and one of his siblings.

This vlog also tells us how tigers get their names, and what it’s like to go on safaris to Bandhavgarh National Park during summer.

The morning safari at Bandhavgarh starts at 5:30 during the summer. It had stopped raining at 5 o’clock when our safari jeep came to pick us up and we were on our way!

The sun came out angry after the rains that morning and Bandhavgarh went into a state of sublimation.

After four and a half hours of driving around in the heat we hadn’t seen a single tiger—and were on our way out. Then our luck changed. 

”Banbehi-male-cub” appeared. He had turned two years old, and was at a stage in his life when tigers leave their parents and siblings and embark on their own independent journeys—proclaiming territories and seeking mates.

A few days earlier, his mother, “Banbehi-female” had another litter. 

Tigers get their names either from the area where they were first spotted, or by their appearance or behavior. Banbehi is the name of a river that flows in this female tiger’s territory—and that’s how she got her name.

Now tigers don’t meet their cubs from previous litters when they have a new litter but Banbehi-female would meet these subadult cubs from her previous litter.

These meetings continued for about a month after the new cubs were born.

Mangu, a large male tiger was the father of both these litters—that’s the only reason why this was possible. 

Of course the newborn cubs were away in a secret  cave far away from Banbehi-male-cub and his siblings otherwise they would have been killed by the previous generation. 

The almost burnt out areas of this photo remind me of the heat that morning.

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